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The Supernatural Dimension of Dreams

Understanding How God Works While You Sleep

We all have dreams. But many of us have no clue what they mean--or that God is speaking, even imparting matchless wisdom, to us through them. 

Cutting through the confusion and unbiblical teachings on dreams, prophetic leader Demontae Edmonds offers a hands-on guide to this supernatural realm grounded in biblical truth. You'll discover how God uses dreams to heal, give direction and answers, expose the enemy, give warnings, reveal mysteries--and more.

Here is everything you need to step into a greater dimension of God's prophetic dream realm each night--so you can make an eternal impact each day.

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Demontae Edmonds, Author

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The Supernatural Dimension of Dreams!

In this book, you'll come away equipped to:

· discern the source of your dreams
· perceive direction and solutions
· unpack biblical dream language and symbols
· unlock hidden potential in your life
· prevent demonic dreams from becoming reality
· remember and archive your dreams
· receive supernatural impartations
Making the Most of Your Days Starts with Hearing God at Night!
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